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Write a critical review for the book “The Second Shift”  Book reviews will be approximately 1,000 words – double spaced (roughly 3-4 pages) in length. Please use Times New Roman 12-point font. Do a word count on your word processor. An essential feature of a good book review is the reviewer’s ability to write concisely so that a comprehensive evaluation of the book can be obtained from a brief reading.

While you are reading the book, take notes about the following issues: 

– What is the author’s main goal in writing this book? (Convince you of his position on a controversy? Explain the background of an event? Raise awareness of a particular issue?) 

– What are the author’s main points? 

– What kind of evidence does the author provide to make his or her points? Howconvincing is this evidence?  

– Is the book well written? (Easily understandable? Good style?) 

– What group of readers would find this book most useful (Lay people? Students? Experts​in the area?) 

A book review usually has the following components 

1) Introduction (one or two paragraphs) – Bibliographic information (author, title, date ofpublication, publisher, number of pages, type of book) – Brief overview of the theme, purpose and your evaluation.2) Summary of the content (about two pages) – Brief summary of the key points of each chapter or group of chapters – Paraphrase the information but use a short quote when appropriate 3) Evaluation and conclusion (about one page) – Give your opinion about the book. Is the book easy to read or confusing? Is the book interesting, entertaining, instructive? Does the author support his arguments well? What are the book’s greatest strengths and weaknesses? Who would you recommend the book to?


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