WRIT230 Creative Non-Fiction : Judgement or Criticism


Section 1: talk about the positives about it and things that may of been challenging
Section 2: use as reference “writing true” and also texts from the example reflection I have uploaded
When composing my creative nonfiction draft I was sure that the issues of craft I was facing were far worse than those faced by successful creative nonfiction writers, so it was comforting to discover that those successful writers and I actually had a lot more in common than I first thought.
It turns out that my own issues of craft such as deciding what to write about, how to find the ‘point’ of my story, as well as issues of structure and voice were all problems that most creative nonfiction writers deal with every time they sit down to write.
One of the most challenging aspects of craft which creative nonfiction writers face is deciding exactly what they want to write about. Faced with the task of having to write my own creative nonfiction piece, for the ten weeks before it was due I felt as though I was constantly avoiding it while also constantly thinking about it. I was always trying to think of ideas, but the nagging voice in the depths of my brain would tell me that thinking isn’t much help, Georgia. You need to be writing, not thinking. To me it felt as though every accomplished piece of creative nonfiction we were reading in class was written with ease and leisure, so why couldn’t I do the same?
Why couldn’t I stop tinkering and just write? As Brenda Miller explains in Tell It Slant, this pottering is essential to the crafting process: these ideas needed to float around in my head for weeks and weeks in order to become “fleshy and sturdy enough to survive outside the mind and on the bleak terrain of the page” (183). It is not until after writing my draft that I understood how important all this thinking really was, that I should enjoy this part of the crafting process.
Eventually, trying to sleep one night, memories of the ocean came jumping out at me like angelic apparitions, and I wrote them all down without judgement or criticism, letting them live inside my head until they could be properly crafted into something. 
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