Why have Mabel’s Labels been so successful selling exclusively online


 Why have Mabel’s Labels been so successful selling exclusively online? 2. Can Mabel’s Labels maintain its competitive advantage when selling through retail stores? How can it reduce the threat of other competitors entering the write-on label market? 3. Should Mabel’s Labels be concerned about Write Away! labels cannibalizing its online products? Should it continue to sell a different product in stores and online? 4. Channel conflict does not appear to be an issue yet, provided Walmart is able to sell at a retail price lower than Mabel’s online prices. What steps do Mabel’s Labels need to take to prevent channel conflict once it starts to sell through other retail chains? 5. Mabel’s Labels’ website was very focused on moms, its target market. Now that products are available in retail stores, should it consider targeting other segments that might have different uses for write-on labels?

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