What Would be an Important Rule for a Good Researcher to Follow


What would be an important rule for a good researcher to follow? Do not check underlying assumptions. Tolerate uncertainty Paraphrase others without giving them credit. Never use any controls. Question 3 1 pts The Clean Air Act of 1990 introduced what new market-based tool to promote cleaner air? nitrogen oxide pollution permits that can be bought and sold big tax breaks to all nonpolluting businesses (e.g., information technology) much higher taxation on sales of gas-guzzling SUVs sulfur dioxide pollution permits that can be bought and sold What is the biggest problem with the GNP as a measure of the economic success of a nation? It cannot be calculated with high certainty. It does not include the cost of environmental cleanup. It lacks any information about dollar exchange value abroad. It fails to distinguish between good and bad activities. D Question 5 1 pts In the mid-2000s, plywood prices went up considerably in the United States because of the increased need for plywood in new home construction. This illustrates what important economic law? Parkinson’s law of supply and demand antitrust law resources recovery act “We live life only once. We should therefore use up as many resources as we want, as fast as we can.” This is an example of what type of ethical statement? green ethics environmental ethics frontier ethics sustainable ethics

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