What Is The FIRST Step In Adrenaline Signaling Through G-Proteins


 What is the FIRST step in adrenaline signaling through G-proteins? O a. Activation of Gs alpha subunit O b. Binding of adrenaline to the extracellular portion of the GPCR O C. Binding of GDP to Gs alpha subunit O d. Hydrolysis of GTP to GDP. List a number of common acidic and basic agents and their pHs. 6. Describe the presumptive color test for Acid Phosphatase used to identify seminal fluid. What reagents are utilized? How is the test performed? What is the basis of the color change? What are the limitations of this test? Interpret for the jurors the results of both a positive and a negative Acid Phosphatase test. 7. You have been assigned to process a backlog of sexual assault evidence that has been sitting in the evidence locker for a period of years. In examining clothing evidence from a particular sexual assault, you note that you get a negative result with the acid phosphatase test reagent. Explain this result. Why might an acid phosphatase test give a false negative result? Be specific. Consult and cite sources.

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