What is Meteorology


  • What is meteorology? What is weather?
  • What is an air mass? Which ones commonly affect North American weather?
  • What is lake effect?
  • What mechanisms can lift air masses (4)?
  • What is a front? Differentiate between cold and warm fronts.
  • What remote sensing tools do we use to forecast weather?
  • What is a derecho?
  • Where do most tornadoes on the Earth occur? In the United States?
  • What are the basic requirements for tornadoes to form?
  • What are the characteristics of tornadoes?
  • What does the Fujita scale measure? –from what to what?
  • What is the significance of Doppler radar in tornado detection? What is the average warning time?
  • What do the data indicate about tornado frequency over the past 50 years- are they getting more frequent? More powerful? What has changed recently?
  • Where do tropical cyclones occur? Where are they most frequent?
  • What is required for tropical cyclones to form?
  • What are main features of a mature tropical cyclone? What are some characteristics of each of these?
  • What are the three main impacts of a tropical cyclone, i.e. what major kinds of damage do cyclones cause?
  • Where are the major cyclone basins? Which are the most threatening and why?
  • What is the Saffir-Simpson Scale based on? Numerical values from what to what?
  • Briefly review the history of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans- how did the storm specifically impact the city?
  • Briefly review the history of Hurricane Sandy.
  • What problems do we have detecting changes in hurricanes in a warming world? What do the data show about changes in hurricane patterns?

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