What is best Described as a Postponement Tactic in Delayed Differentiation


What is best described as a postponement tactic in delayed differentiation? Outsourcing the painting of a car to a supplier Allowing a customer to choose different sizes and colors for a projector Integrating with the customer on the best process to complete product Creating high production of a product and finishing the last process upon the customer order Question 24 Factors that should be considered as inputs in capacity are? Process factors Supply chain factors External factors All of the above Question 23 What are the 2 main factors to consider when setting product design? Capability and capacity Customer and current market share O Manufacturability and customer wants Resources and cash flow Question 22 What best describes value analysis in material costing? Investigating cost drivers and impact on a product’s performance Partnering with suppliers who are the best value and offer the best service Regularly reviewing the value and cost of each business function Working to identify the least expensive material for commodity products

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