What are the Theories and models of Behavioral Finance


What are the theories and models of behavioral finance? Analyze them.

Below is an outline of the structure of the case study and assignment. APA 6 the format. I Abstract ii Introduction iii Body iv Conclusion v References vi Appendix Length – between 10 and 12 pages, not including introduction, abstract, references, and appendix

II Format – APA 6th format ✓ Double-space. ✓ Use 1” margins all around. Use Times New Roman font. Number your pages. ✓ Placed in a regular binding, clear front 

III Style ✓ Avoid clichés, slang, informal terms of expression, and rhetoric. ✓ Do not use direct quotations in your text unless necessary. If you use diagrams, charts, and tables in your paper, ensure every symbol in the equation is explained.

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