UNCC100 Self and Community: CST Principles and Themes


Create a work that represents a theme discussed during the semester Then write a reflection (essay format), which clearly explains the relationship between the creative work, the theme and at least 3 or 4 principles of Catholic Social Thought (CST).create a work that expresses the theme that you have chosen, and the way it connects with the community you belong too. This work should also relate to some of the principles of CST. write a personal reflection (essay format) on the work that you have created, explaining the relationships between Part 1, the theme and 3 or 4 principles of CST.
What theme will you discuss? What CST principles will you discuss? Briefly, how is the theme and the CST principles represented in the creative work (Part 1)? Briefly, introduce your experience in a community and how it is represented in the creative work.Identify one community (local or national) that you belong too Explain how the theme you have chosen is relevant to an experience that you have had within this community. Example your experience.Then, discuss how the theme is represented in your creative work.  
Define and explain in your own words what the CST principle means. This should not be copied word for word from Assignment How is this principle relevant to the theme you have chosen? How is this principle represented in the creative work? 
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