TR113 ancient History and archaeology:Revolutionary Ancient Period


This assignment requires you to choose a leading Irish female figure from the online Dictionary of Irish Biography and to give a ten-minute online presentation based on their career.

Assessment Aims and Objectives

In your presentation, you should:

  • Evaluate the career of a leading Irish female figure from the Dictionary of Irish Biography during the revolutionary period.
  • Display evidence of wide reading and research, including incorporation of online resources.
  • Analyse issues rather than simply provide an account of what happened.
  • Construct a coherent and persuasive argument, which is clearly structured and logical.
  • Speak clearly, with close attention to grammar and punctuation, but also try to interest and engage the reader.
  • Stay within the prescribed word-count and time.
  • Ensure that your assignment has appropriate referencing.
  • Include a bibliography identifying all of the works you have consulted, including online resources. 

Consider the following points:

  • The specialised writing on your subject
  • Their contribution to Irish society
  • Their achievements and failures
  • The context of the period in which they lived
  • If the content is corroborated by sources in the Dictionary entry
  • If there are gaps in the Dictionary entry that you identify
  • Who is the author of the Dictionary entry

Task Description

This task will require you to prepare an oral presentation that will be scheduled for you to deliver during the week of the 1st of November .  If you have not received an allocated slot for your presentation by 18th of October please contact your tutor.

As part of this task, you should prepare a Powerpoint presentation of 10-12 slides. You will speak for approximately 10 minutes duration of uninterrupted speech and answer one question afterwards by your tutor on a chosen female activist during the Irish revolutionary period,

You will give your presentation online through Loop. The purpose of this oral presentation is to develop your online communication and oral presentation skills regarding historical material and research.

When preparing your presentation write out a full prose text of it in the first instance of speaking time, this should be approximately words.

You should submit your assignment (to be fully referenced and to include a bibliography of all sources consulted) and Powerpoint slides to Loop by the of November.

Preparing for the presentation

Practice delivering your talk, standing in a room with your notes left to one side. Practice referring to the Powerpoint slides that you have prepared in the course of your presentation and ensure that you can deal with the technical aspects of the presentation. Ideally, you should recruit someone to listen to you. Leave your presentation for a day, and come back to it with a fresh, critical eye, ensuring that your ideas are clearly expressed, that arguments are coherently articulated and consistent, and that there is a logical progression from introduction through discussion to your conclusion. 


A bibliography

  • Should feature a listing of all sources consulted in the preparation of the assignment
  • Should list all sources referred to in footnotes
  • Should list primary and secondary sources separately
  • Should list secondary sources in alphabetical order


In History assignments you may only use the referencing system approved by Irish Historical Studies as set out in the document Referencing Historical Sources available from the Humanities Course Handbook. Failure to use the standard historical referencing system may cause you to lose marks for your assignment. Remember to footnote your work according to the recommended conventions.


Submit two files to the appropriate assignment submission drop box in Loop by the due date specified. Please adhere to the naming convention when saving your file,

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