TOUR1004 Tourism Economic Project- students will critically evaluate appropriate


The task requires each student to undertake an economic analysis of the current issue experienced by the tourism, hospitality or event industries for a destination (it can be Australia or other places). In doing so, students will critically evaluate appropriate strategies and engage with the sustainability agenda. The report should focus on key recommendations. 


Undertake the following steps and research:

1. Select an Industry within the ‘tourism’ classification (see page 3 for options).
2. Research current issues in that Industry.
3. Select one current issue for detailed economic analysis and justify that selection.
4. Explain the three economic principles that are offered from the lectures.
5. Apply the three economic principles to your chosen issue; explain how the principle is relevant to understanding the issue and apply the principle to discuss how/why change is happening.
6. Discuss the insights/recommendations from the application. Must include the consideration of sustainability. Please consider who the recommendations are for: government, industry, consumers?


Explain the issue and justify why this is an important topic to address. You are expected to use secondary sources to highlight the background, importance, and the latest development of your issue.

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