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This assignment has three parts that must be completed in order to be eligible for full credit.

1. Find a news article regarding foreign nationals in a situation, an individual person, or group of persons  that you think could possibly qualify for applying for refugee or asylee status based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding them. Upload the article or copy the news link along with your assignment submission. 

2. State on what grounds you belief the person or group described in the article may be eligible for status in the U.S. if given the chance to apply for it. Be sure to address which ones of the five protected grounds that you believe the application may fall under, and also state the facts that you think would be relevant to the application. 

3. Discuss the hurdles that you believe this person would encounter in applying for refugee or asylee status. In your answer, think about the differences in languages, education, access to resources, social structures, obtaining evidence to support their claim, and other factors that may affect this person’s ability to file a refugee application. 


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