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These questions ask you to demonstrate your understanding of contemporary theory, critically analyze these questions through the eyes of a social theorists and apply these ideas to sociological topics. . Each answer should be roughly 200 – 250 words.

  • Identify relevant theorists for each question.
  • Define all concepts used
  • Explain your arguments.
  • Provide real world application.
  • Use acceptable college level writing.
  1. Inequalities: (a) a short recapitulation of a core idea from Wallerstein (Chapter 10), (b) include an interpretation of these core idea grounded in a wider theoretical context within sociology, and (c) provide a real-world example.
  2. Some people now believe we live in a “colorblind society” where racial inequality is a thing of the past. Explain how West would see this as a form of racism. Describe the racist consequences he sees in society today. (Chapter 16)
  3. Write a 250-word response of exchange theory.
  4. Compare and contrast the way Chafetz/Hill talk about gender and Wilson/West talk about race. Find three similarities and three differences. (Chapters 9 & 16)
  5. Assess contemporary US society as a civil sphere on a scale of 1-10. Use at least five terms from Chapter 13 and provide at least three examples to illustrate these concepts.

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