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The purpose of the assignment is to select a market that fits your product as you go international

with it, and decide what marketing strategies to follow.

Step #1.  Product Selection. Select a product that you want to sell internationally.  It can be a

product from your place of work, or any product that you are knowledgeable or interested about.  

Try selecting a product that is currently only sold in the United States and that you can envision

selling in another country.   

Step #2. Country Selection (10 points). Select a market based on your market screening.  Following

the steps for market screenings for a country that you read about in chapter 12, explain what

factors would be important in your market (country) screening.  Go through each of the first four

steps in the screening process and describe what kind of criteria would be desirable for your

product in terms of: Basic needs potential, Financial and economic forces, political and legal forces,

and cultural forces.

Step #3. Select a mode of entry (10 points).  Review the advantages and challenges of the different

modes of entry and select the most appropriate for your type of product and country you selected.

Explain why you are choosing that mode of entry over others.

Step #4.  Marketing Strategies.  Based on the information above, and your knowledge of the

product, explain how you would modify the product so that it fits better in the new market.  You

should focus on the following marketing strategies:

A. PRODUCT (10 points) – How or what would you change about the product to better fit this

new market?  Explain your answer.

B. PROMOTION (10 points) –

I. Would you use the same message to promote your product or would you change

it? What would be the new message intention or theme?    Explain.

II. What form of promotion would work best for the type of product and new market

conditions? Select only one of the following and explain why you are selecting it:

advertising, personal selling, sales promotion (discounts, coupons…), or public

relations.  (hint: review the advantages and disadvantages of each type of

promotion and see which one fits your product best)

C. PRICE (5 points) – what would be the best pricing strategy to follow and why?

D. PLACE (Distribution) (5 points) – can you use a similar approach to getting the product to

your customer as it is used in the U.S.A. or do you want to modify the distribution of the

product. Do some research of the new country’s infrastructure and availability of channels

of distribution?  Explain your decision/answer.

Grading Rubric: See the point distribution for each question for a total of 50 points.  The quality of your

answer will be awarded points according to the scale in this rubric. 


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