The purpose of Case Study is to provide an opportunity to demonstrate course

The purpose of Case Study is to provide an opportunity to demonstrate course-related knowledge in speaking more “deeply” about 1 specific client “Healing Neen”. (reference video for Healing Neen to start).

Your case study will identify specific behaviors and how those behaviors are evaluated in light of a specific theory.

You will also identify ways that specific behaviors can be addressed in a manner consistent with the theories of your field.(Psychology) (Domestic & Sexual Violence)

· Without violating confidentiality, provide background information on your subject (or group/situation), including behaviors observed, any medical information that is available, socio-cultural factors that might affect treatment, etc.

· Provide information about current behaviors, specifically maladaptive behaviors, and current treatment plans/progress.

· Using knowledge gained in your study of psychology in general and/or your cognate in particular, provide a brief theoretical explanation of your case. (This treatment plan may be hypothetical.)

The paper must fulfil the following criteria:

· 3–4 pages (This does not include title, abstract or reference pages)

· Current APA format

· This document must maintain the strictest level of confidentiality.

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