The Effects of Exercise on a Cellular Level


Discuss the effects of exercise on a cellular level. Think Critically and Creatively When offering an opinion, please support it with specific references and evidence, when possible

 What type of pattern of inheritance is this in the pedigree below? How do you know? Show the genotypes and phenotypes of the five people in the last generation (number them on diagram)-if affected means they are addicted to Facebook, and the opposite of that is unaddicted to Facebook What pattern of inheritance does this trait follow? 4. The allele for black color in horses is dominant over the allele for white color. What would you do if you wanted to determine whether or not your black horse was heterozygous or homozygous for the black allele? 5. In the last column, list whether you can exclude or cannot exclude father for paternity. The blood type of mother Blood type of father Blood type of child Exclude or cannot exclude father for paternity?

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