SUPPLEMENTARY LEARNING EXERCISE (worth 25 points or 9% of the final grade)

SUPPLEMENTARY LEARNING EXERCISE (worth 25 points or 9% of the final grade)

The connection between career and mental health concerns are often misunderstood. Becoming aware of the symptoms that can cause work impairment is critical. Using a whole-person approach, career counselors often address a client’s information processing ability, decision-making skills, the ability to interact in the workplace, and the ability to perform appropriately in the work setting. Each student will read Part II Mental Health Issues and Solutions from the textbook Career, Work, and Mental Health to assist in gaining a deeper understanding about integrating career and personal counseling using a whole-person approach.

Students will write a five (5) page paper explaining why it is important to identify specific activities, conditions, and people that are threatening to other individuals in the work place. The title page and reference page are separate.  At least two other peer-reviewed resources should be researched and the information used to write this supplementary learning exercise.

Supplementary Learning Exercise Rating Scale

American Psychological Association (APA) Formatting and Style – 5 points

References – 5 points (correctly cited on the Reference Page and in the body of the paper)

Writing – 5 points

Content – 10 points

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