SRM776 Introduction to Construction Management


The task

Prepare a report which describes analyses and evaluates any three of the following aspects of the management of the construction of a current complex project:

  1. Constructability
  2. Construction methods
  3. Site establishment and organisation
  4. Safety management
  5. Environmental management

If you studied Construction and Fire Engineering 1 in SP2 then you may choose to arrange to revisit the project you visited for that course and use it as the basis for this report. You may also decide to use another project to which you have access, but it must be current and reasonably complex.

If you do not have access to a suitable project to use as the basis for this report, please advise the Course Coordinator who will assist you to arrange access to a project.

Discuss and agree with the Course Coordinator which project you will use as the basis for your report.

In describing, analysing and evaluating the Constructability, Construction methods, Site establishment and organisation, Safety management and/or Environmental management of the project, you are to reflect engagement with set readings and other sources relating to these aspects of construction management which will be identified for you as part of this course, and you are to apply them as appropriate to your analysis and evaluation.

Length of report

The maximum length of the report is 2000 words.

Formatting and layout requirements

This report is to be word processed, one and a half line spaced, with wide margins approx 3 cm.  Include diagrams and photographs as necessary, and ensure that they are appropriately labelled. 

Use the following Report Writing Style Guide when preparing reports for this course.  It can be downloaded from the Learning Connection at:

Winckel, A and Hart B, Report Writing Style Guide for Engineering Students, 4th Edition, Division of ITEE, University of South Australia, 2002

Use the Harvard system for referencing.

Referencing using the Harvard system

Include the standard cover sheet, available from the Course homepage

Learning objectives

The learning objectives being assessed (in part) by the assignment are to:

  • describe techniques used in company and construction project management and administration 
  • evaluate complex projects in terms of constructability, construction method  and site organisation
  • describe the operational and management aspects of Occupational Health and Safety.
  • communicate effectively using verbal, non-verbal and other media techniques

Graduate Qualities

The Graduate Qualities being assessed by this assignment are demonstration and application of a body of knowledge (GQ1), including analysis and evaluation of a complex project (GQ3), and which is clearly communicated in an appropriately structured report (GQ6). Information literacy skills and referencing skills (GQ2) and ability to work autonomously (GC4) will also be assessed

Assessment criteria

Assessment of the assignment will take into account the criteria set out in the Feedback form, a copy of which is included at the back of this booklet. 

Submission and return of Assignment  2

Feedback on this assignment will be provided on the Feedback form, a copy of which is included at the back of this booklet. 

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