SPAPP1 Accounting Information Systems and E-Commerce Capabilities


This assignment is set to provide students with an opportunity to: 
• Analyse an accounting information system to support a relatively small business system with some e-commerce capabilities
• Use narrative description for documentation
• Report and document systems flowchart 
• Identify and analyse measures that are in place to control the system and its data 
• Recommend additional controls to improve operational and information system effectiveness.
Detailed description of the requirements for this section are as follows:
1 Organisation/Industry Description
Describe the products/services sold by the firm. Describe the firm’s industry, primary competitors, etc. Include an organisation chart showing the intended major reporting relationships that you will design into your group’s system. Discuss significant industry trends and competitive/operational challenges (e.g., slow growth, new competitors, new regulations, etc.) Cite all sources used (including trade journals, general business publications, Web pages, and primary sources). The project should be properly referenced using an accepted reference technique accompanied by appropriate bibliography and literature review at the end of section 
2 Describe the purpose and key features of each relevant part of the AIS
Describe how each of the proposed AIS sub-systems contributes to organisational goals. On the organisation chart, show how the department(s) in which each AIS sub-system is used relate(s) to the larger organisation. Describe each sub-system’s major functions, typical transactions, reports produced, and frequency of transaction and master file updates. 
3 Discuss how your system addresses the main issues specific to e-business systems:
Identify the main issues that are specific to e-business processes/activities/systems (as opposed to “traditional” business processes/activities/systems). Discuss how your system design addresses these issues.
4 Describe how each of your proposed AIS sub-systems will provide data for managerial decisions.
Describe the typical managerial decisions supported by each of the proposed sub-systems and what other data and/or information is needed for these decisions in addition to that supplied by the system.
5 Describe the key features of AIS software chosen
As part of the AIS design process, you will identify suitable software application(s) to support your system design. Normally suitable software application(s) are identified after the system has been designed and system specifications are identified. However, it may be possible to integrate the process of application selection and design as an iterative process (i.e. find suitable software, identify its key features and adopt these features into your sub-systems design). Obtain a copy of the chosen AIS software brochure. Read the comments about the accounting software in the brochure in respect to those modules that the group has chosen to report on. Identify and describe the key elements and features that apply to each of the subsystems under review.

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