SOE11144 Global Business Economics and Finance System


You have received the following email from the Chief Executive Officer of Clark Casc Logistics plc, where you are employed as manager of a loading bay, inviting you to the first in a series of budget-setting meetings and asking you to submit a brief report in advance.
The purpose of next week’s meeting is not to rake over the ongoing overspend for this year but we need to plan for next year. We are going to need you to agree a total budget of £882,000 for next year. Mo will update the figure for apportionment of Central Administrative Costs sometime after the meeting but I’m guessing it’ll be based on this year’s actuals, so I suggest you use that. It’s the rest of the costs we need to discuss with you.
You will need to take account of the 3% across-the-board wage increase Piotr agreed with the unions last week. That applies evenly across all types of staff in the loading bay.
Please provide a report in advance of the meeting detailing how you intend to find the necessary savings.
Please include the following sections in your report. We do not require an executive summary:
1. Introduction
2. Approach to drawing up the loading bay budget
3. Relevant calculations to show that your budget is achievable
4. Your proposed budget with full figures
5. A conclusion on the achievability of the £882,000 overall loading bay budget
6. Recommendations on next steps
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