SOCI2005 Sociology and Anthropology Concepts and Theorists


For this essay assignment you must either (1) answer the assigned question below in an essay format or (2) you can generate your own ‘DIY’ ideas/angles and directions for your essay as long as the topic is on ‘Capitalism’ and deals with the issues, themes, concepts and ideas in the weekly readings and lectures so far.
1: Assigned essay question on ‘Capitalism’
Question: Why have all the thinkers we have so far covered in this course spent so much time critiquing capitalism or critiquing some aspects of the capitalist system? In your answer you must draw upon, and make direct reference to at least two of the assigned readings or theorists from
2: DIY (do it yourself) essay question on ‘Capitalism’ 
The purpose of a ‘DIY’ theory essay is for students to creatively use concepts and ideas from at least one theorist, or one reading from the material covered so far and apply it to the ‘real’ social world 
You do not have to use or deal with the entire theory, all of the concepts or reading, but rather selectively use relevant and applicable concepts for the purpose of your essay 
The DIY Essay should have an introduction detailing what concepts/theorists you will be using, what real world topic or issue you will focus on, and what the overall argument/angle/ for the essay will be. For example: you could use Mills concept of ‘personality market’ and Hochschild’s concept of ‘emotional labor’ and use it to analyze and critique a contemporary example of white collar/service work. 
You could use Marx’s critique/theory of capitalism and alienation and use it to understand and critique a particular industry or type of work in today’s world too. You can also use your own experiences as ‘sociological material’ for analysis and exploration but when using personal experiences as sociological material you must ensure you can weave/connect your own experiences into the theoretical/conceptual fabric/content of the reading materials

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