Lesson 3 Discussion What is the difference between race and ethnicity? How could these two sociological concepts factor into present-day issues for minorities? Do you think these present-day issues are indicative of systemic racism? RESOURCES Additional readings/videos regarding treatment and/or history of each group. Native Americans Italian Americans: Jewish Americans : African Americans: CrashCourse. (2013, November 21). Civil Rights and the 1950s: Crash Course US History #39 [Video]. YouTube. Hispanic Americans: Asian Americans   Assignment Question Your response should be a minimum of two absolute full pages is required. The definition of a minority does not necessarily mean a person who belongs to a small group within a population. What are the five characteristics of a “minority”, according to sociologist Louis Wirth in 1945? Based on your readings and experience pick a minority group and discuss them using the five characteristics of a “minority” according to Wirth?  Do all five characteristics fit for that group?  Why or why not? Find a current newspaper or magazine article regarding the group you chose (within the last five years). How does what you studied in this section relate to the current situation of the American minority group that you studied? Note: please include a link for the article you chose in APA format on a reference list at the end. READING RESOURCE


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