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select one of the topics below to research and write on. The topic choice is up to the learner, but the top selection must come from this list.

  • The United States Criminal Justice System 
  • Criminal Law in the United States
  • The History of US Law Enforcement 
  • Compare different police patrol procedures 
  • Law Enforcement Jurisdiction 
  • Analysis of a Supreme Court Case (Student can select any US Supreme Court Case that impacted police producers or protocols)
  • Federal law enforcement (select only one agency) 
  • Police Patrol Procedures (select one are to focus on) 
  • Local Police/Law Enforcement (Select a state, county, or city department) 
  • Technology used to enhance police patrol strategy 
  • History of US Jails 
  • The State Court System (Students are free to select the state court system they write about)
  • Corrections (any area but it is advised to select a narrow topic) 
  • Ethical issues in law enforcement

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