SEJ201 Structure Design|Calculations

Provide a concise introduction to the project, summarising the purpose of the work along with critical project requirements and objectives. The starting point for the project should be explained clearly along with any important requirements or critical changes during the design process. Notes: Make a judgement on what is critical (and significant) information and what is superfluous (and insignificant) information. Include only what is relevant to the Introduction in this section. Make reference to input documents rather than recreating or repeating reference information if appropriate. 4.2 Constraints, Opportunities & Assumptions Identify ALL relevant constraints and opportunities identified during your project work and provide a concise explanation of the impacts of these constraints, opportunities to the design process and proposed solutions. Clearly identify, explain and justify any assumptions that were made during the analysis and design process. 4.3 Design Loads Summary Provide a concise summary of all dead, live and lateral loads on the structure, including breakdown and summary of individual dead and live load, using appropriate notations. This section should be prepared such that it is a useful reference section for your calculations. Note: This section may be transferred from your Team Report if you are satisfied with the quality and content of that submission. Page 4 of 7 Deakin University / SEBE / School of Engineering 4.4 Structural Analysis & Design Analysis and design shall be completed for the structural elements nominated in Table 1 using appropriate calculation procedures learned during class, seminar and studio sessions. Calculations for each element shall detail the full solution procedure and shall include clear sketches/figures as required to explain and support the calculation procedure. Address and justify the limitations of your analysis and/or design where appropriate
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