SCl200 Applied Natural Sciences Education


To start working on your planning document, you will review potential issues in the natural sciences and choose the issue you want to research in your project. Each topic in the Soomo webtext will include a potential question and a nonacademic source that you can review to help you  judge whether you are interested in the topic. If none of these topics interest you, you can choose your own topic with the approval of your instructor.

Select a contemporary issue in the natural sciences to investigate. You may select an issue that was discussed in the course, or you may select your own if you have instructor approval. You could consider using your topic and question from Perspectives in the Natural Sciences if they are something you would like to investigate further for this project. In this first step, you will identify your chosen issue and explain why it is significant. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  • Describe the issue in the natural sciences that you have selected to investigate.
  • Explain why this issue is significant. This may include how it is significant to you personally or professionally, or how it is significant to society as a whole.

Describes issue in natural sciences to investigate

Describes issue in natural sciences to investigate, but with gaps in appropriateness, relevance, or detail

Does not identify issue in natural sciences to investigate

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