SCIN130 Introduction to Biology with Lab : Observations of the Vegetation



For this study, the materials we used were a lab book, styrofoam blocks, wick strips, fertilizer pellet, potting soil, F1 seed, P1 seeds, water, wood stakes, rubber stake clips, pollinator wand, paper towel, petri dish, and light.
The Styrofoam quad was taken from the lab bench and labeled. One quad became classified P1 and the other was classified F1. eight blue wicks had been picked off the cart and were delivered to our lab bench, one wick was placed in each of the cells and pulled through the bottom so a little bit of the wick was hanging out of the bottom of each cell. Potting soil was collected from the cart to fill each cell on the lab station. sixteen fertilizer pellets had been picked up and 2 pellets had been placed in each of the cells. A small depression was made in each cell, eight seeds from the P1 package and eight seeds from the F1 package were placed in. seeds had been
placed in each cell. The seeds had been covered with sufficient potting soil so that they were buried. The first cell was watered till water dripped off the blue wick. This watering was repeated throughout all of the cells. The quads were placed on the plant racks and the watering chambers.
The plants were watered through the pipette every day for sixteen days during the experiment.
After each watering, observations of the vegetation in every quad have been written and recorded in the logbook..
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