RIICWD509E Prepare Detailed Design of Urban Roads

This activity requires you to plan and prepare for the detailed design of urban roads. To complete this activity, you are required to: • Complete the steps given in the ‘Checklist 1’ provided. • Document the outcomes using Template 1 – Template 3. While completing each step, you must place a tick mark against each step given in the checklist once completed. Checklist 1: Plan and prepare for the detailed design of urban roads Steps Occasion 1 Occasion 2 Step 1: Access and interpret urban road design documentation and ensure the work activity is compliant • Access the following road design documentation: o Known and potential hazards, constraints and conditions o Cultural and heritage data o Geological data o Geotechnical data o Hydrological data o Survey data o Meteorological data • Consult with the Supervisor and team members and ensure the work activity is compliant. • Conduct risk assessments of the existing and potential hazards considering the urban road design documentation. o Evaluate the layout of the roads and determine five (5) risks associated with the following: ▪ pavement ▪ surface treatment ▪ traffic signals ▪ sub-surface drainage  ▪ traffic management systems ▪ underground services ▪ civil structures ▪ lighting ▪ environmental controls ▪ landscaping o Calculate risk rating. o Determine and document risk controls for each risk identified and document using Template 1 • Further, document the following using Template 2. o Documents reviewed o Checks conducted to check compliance with the work activity. o Outcomes of the checks conducted. Step 2: Obtain, read, interpret, clarify and confirm work requirements. • Consult your Supervisor and obtain work requirements for the design of urban roads. • Read the work requirements
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