Review of The Killing Zone


You will write a critical book review of The Killing Zone by Fredrick Downs. Book review should include an introductory paragraph that highlights the topic of the book, provides context for the history discussed within, and explains the author’s main argument.
Book review should include at least three body paragraphs that demonstrate how the author proves his or her main argument in specific sections of the graphic novel. You are welcome to directly quote from the graphic novel if necessary. All direct quotes must be properly cited.

Your paper should conclude with a “review section” that evaluates the book based on the effectiveness of the author’s argument and overall interpretation of the historical period and/or the book’s usefulness as a resource for scholars and the general public. In other words, offer a persuasive, informed opinion about why someone should or should not read the book. Possible ideas to consider:

How effectively does the author prove his or her argument? What were some of the book’s strengths and weaknesses? – Use of sources, imagery, interpretation, and analysis of race, class, gender, etc., are fair game.
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