Reply to the posts of two peers in this discussion by asking a probing question

Reply to the posts of two peers in this discussion by asking a probing question or sharing material to expand the discussion. There needs to be separate responses for each peer supported with at least two references for each peer’s response.

1st peer posting

The research question under consideration for the pre-proposal assignment is to determine if the use of somatic experiencing (SE) therapy (by Peter Levine) is effective in reducing PTSD symptoms in clients diagnosed with PTSD.  A mixed method approach could be deployed for this study. The researcher could utilize an explanatory design in which she collects quantitative data on the outcomes of clients who are randomly assigned to either CBT or SE therapy to treat clients diagnosed with PTSD.  Based on the results, the researcher could then conduct a qualitative study that involves 6 clients and interview them to learn more about their experience and outcome. For example, if the quantitative study showed mixed results in the effectiveness of SE therapy; the counselor could interview a select group of clients to attempt to understand what might have contributed to the different outcomes. Did the different outcomes correlate with different age groups, genders, types of trauma, etc.

Utilizing a mixed method approach allows the researcher to further investigate and understand a phenomena by utilizing different types of data (Sheperis, 2010). A mixed method design can help researchers dig deep into their subject by collecting both quantitative and qualitative data. One disadvantage to utilizing a mixed method approach is the additional time required to conduct both types of research (Sheperis, 2010). It also requires expertise on behalf of the researcher to be able to competently conduct both types of research.


Sheperis, C. J., Young, J. S., & Daniels, M. H. (2010). Counseling research: Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc. ISBN: 9780131757288.

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