REALl321 Real Estate Development and General Characteristics


You will identify a real estate market of your choice (Houston, Texas) prepare a summary of key demographics, and interpret local housing/ commercial property data as described below. Demographics and Market Overview General Economic Conditions: Provide an overview of key macroeconomic indicators, trends, and forecasts affecting your chosen real estate market at the national, state, region, and county level. Population and Households: Provide and analyze information on population density, mobility patterns (intra-urban, immigration and emigration), household demographic characteristics (i.e. age levels, type of households) and socioeconomic aspects (educational levels, employment status, housing tenure, household income by income range, housing demand by income range, and median and mean household/family income and poverty). Local Market Factors: Provide and analyze data on industrial composition, primary employers, resident employment, fastest growing occupations and pay rates; employment status by industry sector, income levels and percentage of people earning at or above the minimum wage; employment base, percentage continuously employed during the previous year and unemployment rates. Housing and Commercial Stock: Include a longitudinal analysis that encompasses past performance and provides general characteristics of the area’s stock. Analyze current housing and commercial characteristics or lack thereof such as housing types (single family, duplex, multifamily, etc.), dwelling type (one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, multifamily, etc.) and conditions.
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