Purpose of the Lab and Discuss


1. You will be marked based on the criteria set out in the rubric below thus ensure you refer to it during your writing and when reviewing your marks.
2. The specific sections you will need to complete for each lab includes: results, discussion, and references. You will also be marked on spelling and grammar.

Results: Include all data gathered in the lab/practical and enter this into the provided tables. Also, provide graphs of the data to illustrate the data in an alternate format. Ensure all graphs are labelled correctly . There is no word limit for this section

Discussion: This section requires you to interpret the data relative to the purpose of the lab and discuss what the results may suggest about the experiment.

You must support your statements with journal references, the data gathered, and the methods used.

The discussion section should be approximately length and include a minimum of four journal references/ lab (which must be used in text and listed at the end of the lab in which it was referred) but no more than six/lab. In-text citations are included in the word count (but not the reference list)

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