PS361 Cross Cultural Psychology Growth and Survival Rates


Optimal foraging theory: Natural selection favours animals whose behavioural strategies maximize their net intake per unit of time spent foraging:
Among the most important determinants of an animal’s fitness is the amount of quality food available during reproduction
In altricial birds, increased food supply has been found to improve both current and future reproductive success
Better food conditions can advance laying date, increase clutch and egg sizes; and improve hatching, growth, and survival rates of the young
Food stress can reduce the residual reproductive value of parents by lowering their survival or by impairing their subsequent production of offspring.
Food has a strong influence on fitness related traits
We can assume that selection has produced phenotypes which forage in a way that guarantees the best achievable balance between cost and benefits.
Studies done on “optimal foraging”
The need to test the linkage between foraging patterns and fitness has been identified as one of the major requirements for investigating optimal foraging ideas.

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