PRFS 301 Ethics of Global Engagement

Essay and Essay Outline Essay Theme: How might a current global challenge be resolved with ethical interventions in the next decade? Key terms to consider: – Current global challenge – Choose a global challenge from the Millennium Project. Select one from the 15 Global Challenges as presented by the Millennium Project. An important challenge that you think impact currently and/or the impact will have on your career path in the future and the global future. -Be resolved – actions/policies or other concrete steps can be taken that significantly improve the status of a selected global challenge. Key terms to consider – Ethical – Guided by moral theories and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Interventions – Observable, measurable actions supported by global organizations and/or agencies and intended to improve the status quo. – Next decade – referring to activities in the next 10 years, with a suggested timeline from 2020-2030. To complete this assignment: – Choose a global challenge from the Millennium Project – Review your previous textbook lessons, notes from reading, written assignments – Examine the dilemmas, opposing forces, and viewpoints relevant to the challenge – Search library sources for additional information about SOLUTIONS to the challenge — Review the textbook and your written work to develop a discussion of moral theories relevant to both sides of the global challenge. – Look for library sources about the global organizations and agencies that are already addressing the challenge For requirements please refer to the attached document Guidelines for your Essay Written Assignment.doc For the outline please complete the EssayOutline.doc
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