PGBS 670J270 Personal Learning Paper

Instructions: You will write a 3-page personal reflection paper on what you have learned from the simulation about
(i) operating a business in an integrated, cross-functional model
(ii) managing towards a strategic goal,
(iii) about what you will need to do to further develop your competencies and comfort to become an effective senior manager, and
(iv) the challenges aligning a management team decision-making. In preparing your response to this assignment, you should draw from your personal experiences before, during, and after the simulation. You will integrate all these into a personal reflection on the new knowledge and insights that you have gained about business operations and being an effective senior manager. Then, construct a personal development plan on what you will need to do to further develop your competencies and comfort to become a senior manager. Since it is a personal reflection, the paper should be written in “the first person.” The questions below may assist you with the writing of your paper. The list below is only a guide. You are encouraged to create and respond to your own set of personal reflection questions. What seems to be the personal attributes and managerial competencies necessary to be an effective and successful senior manager? How comfortable are you with the possibility of becoming a senior manager? What are your strengths for such a role? How does team dynamics impact decision making and how can you better manage teams? What things will you have to change/develop in order to become a more effective senior manager? The simulation was a Capsim project we did as a group! We did not due to well with capsim because we were too risk averse and Competitors took market share early on due to high product pricing and failure to automate. Also emergency loans hurted us. Also, I work for and I am very motivated to be a successful senior manager. I am great leader and lead by example!
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