NBC2003 Building Systems and Services : Electrical Systems Components


Explore the electrical systems components of the house/building where you live/work.
The report should include the following points (the assessment marks are in the bracket) and contains photographs and sketches. If the building has many storeys, choose one or two floors to explore.
1. Building description: location, orientation, floor area, etc (5 marks)
2. Identify the power/fuel source for the electrical system. (This may require a bit of detective/research work) (20 marks)
3. Determine if there is an incoming main electrical line, where the electric meter for the house/building is located, and where the distribution of power to the house/building occurs (circuit box/fuse box). (20 marks)
4. Identify the total number of outlets in the house/building, room by room. (20 marks)
5. Determine the total power usage capacity (watts) of the entire house/building. (30 marks)
The presentation of report (format, structure, tidiness and reference) accounts for 5 marks.
Reference reading:
Get to know your home’s electrical system
How to estimate appliance and home energy use
The report should be produced in a single document in A4 format, in a Word or pdf document. Photographs and sketches may be used, where relevant. Please ensure that any images are compressed before insertion into the document to minimize file size.
Reporting standards
1. You are required to use professional, non-discriminatory language.
2. A recognised referencing system must be used for all work; unless otherwise specified for a particular piece of work the Harvard System is recommended. Information about the Harvard (and other systems) is available from:
 Hughes, B. (ed) (1995) The Penguin Working Words: An Australian Guide to Modern English Usage, Penguin, Ringwood.
 VU library information on citing and referencing. Go to the Library web site
 VU Harvard referencing guide http://libraryguides.vu.edu.au/harvard
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