Microbiology Essay Describe and Discuss


Microbiology Essay Describe and discuss the various important aspects of reproduction in Bacteria; and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different strategies used in bacterial reproduction. Essay Sources, Composition and Structure: In composing this essay, you should use relevant material from the following sources attached. Here is a brief reminder – your essay should have:
• An introduction, which provides a general introductory statement, focuses on the core topic, cites important references, provides definitions of key terms, and outlines what is to come (the scope of the essay).
• A body or argument, which consists of separate paragraphs, each with a topic sentence and dealing with a new topic, in which you develop the main idea of the paragraph by outlining and summarising the ideas of the sources by using referenced facts and examples, explaining terms and providing relevant details. The sequence of the ideas (or paragraphs) should reflect the sequence outlined in the introduction.
• A conclusion, which should briefly review the ideas covered, summarise the main view, and end with some final comment to promote further thought.
• A list of the references used, all of which should have been cited in the main text, properly formatted
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