MGMT 5760 Strategic Management- these three companies is best positioned


Your report will be graded primarily on:
• Demonstrating systematic application of the frameworks taught throughout this course 
• The second most important component of the grade is whether the conclusions and answers you provide are supported by your analysis of the situation and have made good use of quantitative data and other information available in the case  

Questions to Answer 

1.  Over the years, Amazon has attempted to enter the payment market, starting with Amazon Pay in 2007 and later with Amazon Cash, Amazon PayCode, and Amazon Currency Converter. Yet, as of the date the case was written (March 22, 2021), it is still struggling. In contrast, Alibaba in 2004 launched AliPay, which immediately became a huge success—within and outside Alibaba’s marketplace. Why was Alibaba able to successfully grow its payment network while Amazon struggles? 

2. Why has the Chinese financial services market been such an attractive market for big tech and fintech companies?  

3. Do you expect Amazon to more successful with lending than it was with payments? Why or why not?  

4. Amazon, Square, and Ant offer loans to their merchants. Which of these three companies is best positioned to offer such loans? Why?  

5. Thinking about the US market, do you see Amazon as a threat to traditional financial institutions in the SME lending business? Is Amazon well-positions to enter the consumer banking market? 

6. Which big tech company discussed in the case (if any) poses the largest threat to banks in the US? Why?

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