MEE 509 Transmission and Distribution Systems Hypothesis


Task 1: 
An underground XLPE cable is required to be laid between an 11-kV substation and an industrial complex. The cable is directly buried in soil. 
1. What are the various factors to be considered in the selection and sizing of the cable for the application. 
2. Explain the factors to be considered in man hole spacing and cable pulling considerations. 
3. Provide a numerical example (based on the selected cable and site condition) Provide your answer in your own words in the form of a report. The report should include a literature review, hypothesis, and methodology with conclusions.
Task 2: 
According to the provided guideline on the lecture notes, select a surge arrester for a 132-KV system in Western Australia’s (or your local city) environment condition. The details of the selection and assumptions should be provided.
1. Provided literature review and hypothesis
1. Provided methodology
2. Provided conclusions
3. Various factors to be considered in the selection of conductor such as cost, long troublefree service of terminations, etc.
4. Considered various factors in the selection of insulation
5. Discussed various parts of the cables
6. Discussed various function of the parts in the cables
7. The design documents related to this project have been presented and referenced.
8. Provided a numerical example.

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