MAN302 Preparation of Business Plan: Hypothetical Business Plan


You are required to produce a partial business plan for a hypothetical business you might like to establish. This should be a small business in scale and should be of your design. While your business may be similar to other established businesses it must not be a franchise. For purposes of this assignment, the business should also be a physical one and not purely online. It must have a physical presence somewhere.

Your business plan should contain each of the following sections. For an example plan see Chapter 16 of the textbook “Small Business Management in the 21st Century”. Please note that this assignment is not a full business plan.

Outline the philosophy of your business and its mission. Understand the difference between visions and mission, goals and strategies etc. and ensure you present them clearly enough the reader can identify them.

Describe the products and/or services you will be providing. Outline the customer benefits and why your chosen product/services will be successful.

You must also include retail prices in this section and estimate how many units you will sell for each product on a monthly basis. One year duration will be sufficient for this assignment.

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