MAA112 Research Project|Judgement

On successful completion of the unit, students should be able to:Knowledge and UnderstandingK1Deploy systematic and in-depth understanding of existing knowledge and practice within a specialised subject area or field.K2Engage effectively with ideas, practices and methods at the forefront of the subject or profession and explore the boundaries of existing knowledge or current practice and potential developments.Cognitive SkillsC1Independently and critically synthesise, analyse and evaluate complex information, ideas, data or propositions that may be incomplete or contradictory and that include aspects of new knowledge orcutting-edge practice.C2Demonstrate initiative in designing approaches and methodologies to address complex problems, both abstract and practical, and show some originality in the solutions or conclusions reached and their justification.Practical andProfessionalP1Display expertise and autonomy in conducting advanced and specialised practical, technical, creative, work-based or research tasks to a professional or equivalent level.P2Exercise judgement to make decisions in highly complex and unpredictable situations, arguing or substantiating decisions convincingly.Transferable and Key SkillsT1Work autonomously and self-critically, reflectively evaluating own performance and that of others through awareness of professional requirements and expectations.T2Engage confidently and competently in academic and professional communication with others, including communicating the results of research or professional practice innovations to peers.2
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