LOG202 Managing Operations-forecast the demand for goods and services


Unit Learning Outcomes
• Show the importance of forecasting to the value chain.

• Apply approaches such as moving average, exponential smoothing and regression to forecast the demand for goods and services.

• Indicate the resource planning framework for goods and services.

• Demonstrate options for aggregate planning and ways to disaggregate aggregate plans.

Forecasting and Demand Planning

What areas of a company is most affected by forecasting?

Has data availability affected forecasting? How?

Can you share from personal observations / experience?

The Importance of Forecasting Consider National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Zara and discuss on the following:

a. What does forecasting mean in these companies?

b. Forecasts from gaining a customer, value creation, and keeping the customer

c. What information are required to do demand forecasting for these companies Read “Forecasting Help Desk Demand by Day” case study on textbook pages 200-201 and prepare the four case questions for class discussion.

d. What are the service management characteristics of the CSR job?

e. Define the mission statement and strategy of the Help Desk contact center? Why is the Help desk important? Who are its customers?

f. How would you handle the customer affected by the inaccurate stock price in the banks trust account system? Passive or pro-active
approach? Justify your answer.

g. Using the data on Call Volume in the accompanying table, how would you forecast short-term demand?

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