LIT 2201 British Literature

A good way to organize your answer is to respond to the question in general terms and then cite examples from the work. Introduce each example; quote briefly from the work, citing the page (or line, in the case of poetry) in parentheses; and then explain the example briefly. The Golden Rule: Always discuss/comment on the example you have provided to support your thesis. Below are some suggestions to help you with this: Explain your interpretation of the quote to your readers. Analyze the significance of the quote. Extend the author’s point to make another point. Relate the quote to your thesis in a specific manner. Give other examples that fit with the quote. This pattern of mentioning an example, supporting with brief quotation or paraphrase (cited), and then explaining the example’s significance, is the usual pattern for answers of this type. Choose the best examples, not just the first ones you find or the ones we have pointed out in discussions. The most common mistake is not saying enough in the essays; the second is under use of examples or over use of quotations
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