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  1. Listen to the these three short podcasts. Choose one and analyze what elements from the reading in this unit make it an effective podcast.
  • To Learn Links to an external site.from The 5 Minute Mentor 
  • Best and Worst Diets of 2020 Links to an external site.from Nutrition DivaLinks to an external site.
  • “Uncovering a Huge Mystery of College”Links to an external site. from NPR’s All Things Considered, October 2, 2019
  1. Write a well-developed three paragraph analysis (about 300-350 words) explaining why the one you chose is effective.
    • In the first paragraph, introduce and describe the podcast, the format and the topic.
    • In the second paragraph, identify and analyze how the use of rhetorical appeals makes the podcast effective.
    • In the third paragraph, analyze and discuss how 2-3 other elements of the podcast are used effectively. Consider factors such as audience, purpose, context, language and audio.
  2. Provide clear and specific examples for each paragraph with an in-text citations for any evidence you use from the podcast.
  3. Add a Works Cited with an MLA formatted citation. For help making a podcast citation, see the MLA Style Center resource “How Do I Cite an Episode of a PodcastLinks to an external site.?”

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