LCBB6002 International Financial Management : International Financial Management


Investigate a multinational corporation of your choice. Critically analyse and evaluate the importance of international financial management (IFM) to thecorporation. You must discuss the challenges which the corporation may be experiencing in different international financial markets. Your discussion must be supported with relevant international finance management theories that you have learned in this module. You must also give empirical evidence based on your choice of MNC to support your claims.
Based on your knowledge of International Financial Management (IFM) theories, in this essay, you must:
• Critically analyse and evaluate your chosen multinational corporation’s dividend distribution policy;
• Critically analyse the efficient market hypothesis theory in the context of your chosen multinational corporation’s operations;
• Critically analyse and evaluate your chosen multinational corporation’s methods of appraising projects.


In submitting this coursework, you are affirming that any and all sentences, graphs, charts, tables etc., not
specifically attributed to another source are your own creation. It is essential that you provide complete
citations for all statements or analyses presented in your literature review that are derived wholly or in part
from the works of others. To do otherwise is to present, as your own, the ideas, empirical evidence or
analysis actually produced by someone else.
This includes any materials you find published in source consulted by you, including any and all materials
published (posted) on the internet. This specifically includes working papers posted on author(s)’ websites,
departmental websites, special interest group websites and so forth.
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