LAW356h1S Canadian Energy Law and Policy System


What is the role of fossil fuel companies in the energy transition? As you answer this question, you should: Contextualize this approach within the broader policy-making process. Identify the interests that are for and against this approach, and why they support or oppose it. Identify and explain the central idea(s) this approach advances as important to understanding the policy process and the energy transition. Identify the institutions best serve this combination of interests and ideas. Provide real-world examples illustrating how these interests, ideas and institutions play out in policy and political debates.
You should demonstrate an understanding of the relevant required readings (for that week, but also with respect to the broader policy process and energy transition). You should also demonstrate that you can research and apply these concepts to real-world policy debates. This assignment should be no more than 2000 words and is due by midnight on November 17.
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