LANG1227 English|Use of Technology

The process can be broken into a simplified three step process which you can use to structure your self-reflections:

  1. Description: Briefly describe the event/incident/behaviour you wish to focus on
  2. Interpretation/Reflection: Reflect upon what you have learnt from undertaking the project. Discuss how you reacted to the project and whether your reaction was informed by your previous experiences or theories discussed in other units. You could reflect on how the project has challenged or confirmed your prior knowledge and experience, assumptions or preconceptions and whether it uncovered any values, beliefs, or assumptions. You could also reflect upon how you may consolidate, adapt or modify your behaviour in the future, now that you have a different understanding based on applying theory to a particular situation or experience.
  3. Outcome/Learning: Conclude with what you have learned from the project. You will need to reflect not only on WHAT you learnt, but also HOW the process of undertaking the project helped you to consolidate, modify or adapt professional behaviours and HOW this learning will inform YOUR professional practice in the future.


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