K9N21 Project Management : Desirable Characteristics of Research


Keeping this in mind that research in any field of inquiry is undertaken to provide information to support decision-making in its respective area, we summarize some desirable characteristics of research:
1. The research should focus on priority problems.
2. The research should be systematic. It emphasizes that a researcher should employ a structured procedure.
3. The research should be logical. Without manipulating ideas logically, the scientific researcher cannot make much progress in any investigation.
4. The research should be reductive. This means that the findings of one researcher should be made available to other researchers to prevent them from repeating the same research.
5. The research should be replicable. This asserts that there should be scope to confirm the findings of previous research in a new environment and different settings with a new group of subjects or at a different point in time.
6. The research should be generative. This is one of the valuable characteristics of research because answering one question leads to generating many other new questions.
7. The research should be action-oriented. In other words, it should be aimed at reaching a solution leading to the implementation of its findings.
8. The research should follow an integrated multidisciplinary approach, i.e., research approaches from more than one discipline are needed.
9. The research should be participatory, involving all parties concerned (from policymakers down to community members) at all stages of the study.
10. The research must be relatively simple, timely, and time-bound, employing a comparatively simple design.
11. The research must be as much cost-effective as possible.
12. The results of the research should be presented in formats most useful for administrators, decision-makers, business managers, or the community members.

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