ITEC201 Fundamentals of Information Technology


Instructions To Students:

Please note, this take-home examination is due by the closing date/time. Late submissions will not be accepted. To verify the date/time your assessment is due, please refer to submission link in the relevant LEO EXAM unit.

Question 1 (5 Marks)

a) Let’s say, a system’s performance is enhanced and it is now 10 times faster than the original system. However, the system is usable only 60% of the time. Determine the overall performance gain by the enhancement using Amdhal’s law (3 marks).
b) Why is it predicted that Moore’s law will be dead by the end of 2022? Do you agree or not with this prediction? Justify your answers (2 marks).

Question 2 (5 Marks)

a) Demonstrate the Fetch-Execute cycle using a micro-program (3 marks).
b) The following figure shows the memory addresses and contents (not in a contiguous format). A program is fetching values from the memory and storing them in the accumulator register (once at a time). Fill up the following table using the figure (2 marks).

Question 3 (5 Marks)

a). Subtract the following decimal numbers using 2’s complement. You must show all steps involved in this subtraction process (3 marks).

b) What would be the hexa-decimal representation of ItEc201? You can use the ASCII chart provided in the Appendix section (2 marks).

Question 4 (5 Marks)

a) Consider the following figure. Represent the discrete samples into their corresponding hex values. Draw the analog signal (3 marks).
b) Fill up the following table (2 marks).

Question 5 (5 Marks)

a) Construct the truth table for the following circuit. Can this circuit be replaced by a single gate? If so, draw the gate (2 marks).
b) Suppose the voice channels of 7 subscribers of a local telephone exchange in the Sydney are multiplexed and sent on a single carrier to Brisbane. How many selection input bits are needed by the decoder of this simple multiplexer? Draw a block diagram showing the inputs and outputs only (3 marks).

Question 6 (5 Marks)

a) Why Shift operation is important? Multiply between the following decimal numbers using Shift operation: 15 x 9. You must show the outcomes of each shift operation (3 marks).
b) Distinguish between combinatorial logic and sequential logic with figure (2 marks).

Question 7 (5 Marks)

a) Convert the decimal number 912 to its corresponding IEEE754 format (3 marks).
b) Consider the following structure with two integer variables. The first variable is 4 bytes long whereas the second variable takes 2 bytes space in the memory. Show the memory occupation by the structure in both big-endian and little-endian format (2 marks).

Question 8 (5 Marks)

a) Define the following terms: i) bootstrapping, ii) context switching (2 marks).
b) Consider the following jobs that the CPU will be executing.

Question 9 (5 marks)

a) Why IP address is not enough to communicate between 2 different systems in a network? What other types of addresses are used in computer networks (2 marks)?
b) Let A (IP:, MAC: 00-AA-BB-CC-DD-FF, Port:80) is sending a packet to B (IP:, MAC: 10-AA-BB-CC-DD-FF, Port: 8080). Identify what information would be added at each layer using data encapsulation process (3 marks).

Question 10 (5 marks)

a) Read the case study on “delivery services”. Answer the following questions based on your critical analysis and research on the case study.
i) What are the ethical concerns (1 mark)?
ii) What are the implications of working as contractor as opposed to an employee (1 mark)?
iii) What workplace rights are being denied? What are causing that (1 mark)?
iv) What SD goals are affected? What are the social concerns (2 marks)?

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