ITE7023 Curriculum and Assessment For Teaching and Learning- assessment and feed


Module Learning Outcomes
1. Develop, implement, and critically evaluate creative and innovative assessment tools
2. Critically evaluate the economic, social and political factors influencing curriculum and assessment
3. Critically appraise theories and principles of curriculum design
4. Identify and critically appraise current, relevant policy and its influence on curriculum and assessment delivery and design.
5. Critically appraise theories and principles of curriculum design
This assessment requires you to select a syllabus/scheme of work/unit specification that is relevant to your curriculum area and specialist subject. 
In doing so, you must annotate the document, identifying and explaining how theories and principles of curriculum design inform the development of the syllabus.
For example, where do the process, product, hidden (incidental learning) and spiral curriculums apply and your reflections before, during and after the occurrences of these instances. Furthermore, you may also consider things such as the appropriateness and effectiveness of learning outcomes/objectives (Bloom’s Taxonomy and domains), the differentiation opportunities present or lacking in the curriculum, and how you might meet the neurodiverse needs of your learners. 
This assessment requires you to develop and implement a creative and innovative assessment tool in your subject specialist area as follows:   
1. Design a formal assessment tool that you will use with your learner group
2. Create a marking scheme – e.g. criterion-referenced 
3. Implement your assessment tool in practice and mark this in accordance with the marking scheme. 
4. Provide feedback to the learners about their performance 
5. Elicit feedback from your learners on the assessment and feedback process

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