International Organization and Industrial Change

International Organization and Industrial Change: This assignment is a maximum 1500 word essay that evaluates the contribution of an important text to our understanding of global economic governance. It is worth 25% of your final grade. Writing this review essay allows me to assess your comprehension of the course material and your ability to engage with a scholarly argument. You are to choose one of the following books:

Craig Murphy, International Organization and Industrial Change: global governance since 1850 (Polity Press 1994).David Held, Global Covenant: the social democratic alternative to the Washington Consensus (Polity 2004).Mark Mazower, Governing the World: the history of an idea (Penguin Press 2012).Peter Dauvergne and Genevieve Lebaron, Protest Inc.: the corporatization of activism (Polity Press 2014).Daniel Drezner, The System Worked: how the world stopped another Great Depression (Oxford University Press 2014).Mark Beeson, Rethinking Global Governance (Macmillan Press 2019).Ronald Deibert, Reset: reclaiming the internet for civil society (Anansi Press2020).

Please note that unfortunately the books by Murphy and Mazower are not available as e-books, and so if you would like to review them you will have to either buy them or take out a library copy. This is a pain, I know, but they are good books and you will not be disappointed at the inconvenience involved in procuring them!

Your review should be a critical assessment of the book and most crucially its main arguments. There is an expectation of some theoretical and/or historical sophistication in this assignment, as we will have spent several weeks discussing many of the themes with which these books engage. I will also expect you to deploy some of this literature in your review, along with any other material (such as scholarly reviews of the book you are reviewing) that you may find useful. Be sure to strike an appropriate balance between the descriptive elements of the review and the critical assessment: in the end, I will expect a clear and well-developed argument about the overall persuasiveness and logic of the book under review. Given the length of this assignment, you will not be able to cover the entire book in your review; rather you will need to consider only one or two major themes. However, be sure to explain why you have chosen to focus on these themes as part of your essay.

Your essay will be marked against how well you meet the following criteria, which can range from unsatisfactory to excellent:

• familiarity with the book’s principal arguments• quality of your engagement with the book’s main themes and arguments (ie, accuracy, sophistication, nuance)• how well you relate course material to the text• organization and structure of the essay• clarity and sophistication of your assessment• clarity and sophistication of your argument• adequacy of syntax, grammar and spelling

Your grade will be an amalgam of how well you meet all of these benchmarks; however, the first six criteria are the most important.

You are to upload your assignment to the appropriate Assignment Dropbox on Brightspace by Wednesday October 13th. Please note that there is a 3% late penalty per day, and the review will not be graded if it is submitted more than one week after the due date. There is also an overlength penalty of 5% that begins on word 1501.


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